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Kühn Controls, AG is an German young company dedicated to design control and command cabinets for machinery and industrial equipment, automation engineering and industrial IT Solutions.
The innovation, modern and organized company's dynamism, let us put face to the European and World markets future challenge.
The challenges of the time we have mastered and are active in more than 101 countries worldwide.

Electro technology, industrial electronics and software are our central core activities. We work with modern management techniques, advanced technology equipment, sophisticated development tools and, a high qualified professional group.

Applying quality parameters and selecting carefully the components with absolute independence, we offer to our clients a high competitive product adding up solutions that improve and guaranty production process.

Our structure, organization and method of working fully meet the 20 elements of ISO 9000.

We support the 10 principles of Global Compact of the United Nations. Details…

Through the implementation of the law, we have the official approval from the German Federal Aviation Authority (LBA) as a known consignor.

Our german location in NeuenbürgKühn Controls AG,
our location in Germany
(Black Forest area in Baden-Württemberg) offers with Steuertechnik Kühn GmbH over 40 years experience working for the main german and international machine tools factories in the exporting field, industrial process, industrial and public buildings air conditioning. View photo gallery

Offering a non stop service, our installations are all over the five continents supporting the greatest hostile working conditions.

It may happen we are inside your own company even though you don't know it…

Our equipments are designed and built according with the following criteria:

Our products are developed, built and certified in compliance with state-of-the-art of science and technology, generally recognised codes of practice, regulations under public law and our internal manufacturing guidelines.

Our political administration is characterized by constant innovation, growth, continuous and independent management oriented by all means toward our clients, setting up that way competitive advantages for him.

Quality "Made in Germany" - We build profitable capital goods after the principle: " Connect, turn on, win " - .

Our entire engineering process is based on getting solutions both individual and personalized for our client's necessities.
Since the very beginning we work side by side with you to get the control and command cabinets just right for you.

Our profile in brief:

Planning, design and development:

We start off with the client's description taking into consideration all national and international regulations.
We plan, design and build each project by CAD / CAE in our office by an specialized industrial automation team.
Every project is ruled by an strict manufacturing procedure, design, supervision, quality control and testing.

Software engineering and IT-services:

Automation engineering:

According to our manufacturing guide lines and client's definition project, we develop safe and fast programs.
Using our background and knowledge, we employ appropriate algorithms for every single application applying adequate data structures with complete software testing mechanism.

Automation control based on web: ( CompanyBlick ® )

Under use WEB-technologies we have developed an sophisticated hardware and software system, which contains the extensive integration of machines, equipment and lines of production different origins, manufacturers or technologies, with the aim to obtain information (data) to visualize them, to interchange them in interactive form and preparate them for a posterior use e.g. ERP, MES. More about in … CompanyBlick


We realize custom specific complete solutions for the areas: network, security, cryptography, web hosting, server homing, applications and web design, e-commerce, marketing, training and instruction. More…


According with our client's wishes, we manufacture either partial or totally control and command installations with high-qualified personnel.
We work with an outstanding group of suppliers in accordance with the 20 elements ISO 9000 rule using components and materials carefully selected.
Delivering just in time, we reach a high reliability degree with short and safe hand over terms. Just for your own benefit.
To reach a fast, efficient and precise set up, we provide our clients with our specialized team.
Since we deal with delicate equipments with a high-added technological value is necessary to make the first set up together either in your factory or in the final destination. We do both.

Technical customer service and after Sales service:

Having achieved a fast and successful set up, we remain under your command for delivering technical assistance whenever you need, that is, modifications, enlarge, preventive maintenance, and providing spare parts and components every where around the world, fast, reliably and economically.
Keeping your documentation for 10 years, we guarantee the exact reconstruction of you project at any given moment.
Your documentation is kept under the greatest confidential and strict control giving, that way, a unique character to your installation.

Distribution of automation components for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM):

Some of our globally distributed customers build their switchgear, controls and machines in their own countries. We are here to help in selecting suppliers, procurement, commissioning and delivery world wide, fast and reliable of parts and components for industrial applications.
Please visit our multilingual product websites COMAT, MULTICOMAT. If you want more infos about the Releco Relays or Comat Relays, please follow the links.
In order to complete our product portfolio of relays, we sale and deliver world wide Dold Relays , Telma electronics , ELESTA Relays , FINDER Relays and Turck.

Speak with us… we create competition advantages for you.

- in Germany:

Kühn Controls AG , Gräfenhäuser Str. 14 , 75305 Neuenbürg , Germany.

☎️: +49 7082 940000 📠: +49 7082 940001 • 📧: Email 🌐: www.kuhn-controls.com


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